Nottingham Chamber Music Festival

St Peter’s Church, St Peter’s Gate, Nottingham NG1 2NW

Free Admission

Saturday, 15th July
Coffee Concert at St. Peter’s

Tailleferre Ensemble

Variations on Bonny Sweet Robin – Ethel Smyth
Salve Nos – Rhian Samuel
Metamorphosis – Jenni Brandon
Sonatina – Eldin Burton
There Are Things to be Said (2009) – Ingrid Stölzel
Trio for flute, oboe and piano – Madeleine Dring


We celebrate women composers with the Tailleferre Ensemble, an exciting young chamber collective dedicated to promoting women in music. This piano and woodwinds ensemble performs works by Ethel Smyth, Madeleine Dring, and more. This concert also marks the release of their debut album There are Things to be Said. Join us for this lovely Coffee Concert at St. Peter’s Church in Nottingham centre, a concert that will delight your senses and take you to new musical discoveries!

Where: St Peter’s Church, St Peter’s Gate, Nottingham NG1 2NW
When: 10:15am Coffee / Concert 11:00am
Tickets: Free Admission, donations suggested. This concert lasts approximately 1 hour.

Tailleferre Ensemble
Lana Bode – Piano
Nicola Crowe – Flute
Nicola Hands – Oboe & cor anglais
Penelope Smith – Oboe

“The beauty and precision of the musicians’ playing and their sensitivity to dynamics all help to distinguish this exceptional debut.” – Textura Magazine

The Tailleferre Ensemble is a UK-based chamber collective, founded in 2019 by Nicola Hands and Penelope Smith, whose aim is to promote women in music. The group is a chamber ensemble of flexible line-up and size, offering recitals of varied instrumentation and musical genre, including established, lesser-known and contemporary works. They have a special interest in redressing the balance of works performed by male and female composers, and in promoting new works.

The group perform regularly around the UK, and have recently played at St. John’s Smith Square, Conway Hall and for the Nottingham Chamber Music Festival. They have also played for Aylesbury Lunchtime Concerts, Music-at-Hill, Leatherhead Concert & Arts Society, at St. James Piccadilly, St. Martin’s Epsom, Chapel Royal Brighton and All Saints High Wycombe, and the group has also collaborated with Façade Ensemble and the South Florida Chamber Ensemble (SFCE) in London. In October 2019 they premiered work by Welsh composer Rhian Samuel, who has since dedicated new work to the ensemble.