Nottingham Chamber Music Festival

photo by Magda Kuczmik

Dear NCMF Friends,

Thank you for supporting my vision to create a classical music festival for Nottingham, and to make it a friendly and joyous space for all to experience. It has been amazing to see NCMF grow into the cultural landscape of Nottingham. Let’s face it, classical music often has a mysterious and standoffish vibe; my job is to show that everyone is welcome, and if we can open the door to this wonderful, quirky world, we hear the beautiful and transformative music at the heart of it.

The most important aspect of NCMF is the incredible community that has grown around our Festival over the years. When I first moved to Nottingham from California, a group of local chamber musicians took me under their wing. They supported me as I sought to make new friends in a new country. Working with NCMF has helped me return the favour by supporting events for a passionate community that has been so encouraging of my own musical pursuits.

If you come to our concerts in July, I hope you can meet other Festival concert-goers and our Sounding Board team, and make new friends. If you see me at any of the events – whether I am performing or working behind the scenes – please say hello!

The same goes for our incredible musicians who will perform in July. Our musicians are superheroes onstage, and they are also the loveliest humans on the planet! This includes my wonderful colleagues in the Villiers Quartet; the amazing MishMash Ensemble for our Family concert; sopranos Emma Walshe and Elena Copons, pianist Dierdre Brenner who is joining us from Vienna; the talented Nottingham Young Musicians harpist Kylia Tsz-Yam Pai, percussionist Seb Hope, and horn player Joshua Davis, and our esteemed Festival Artists who will be performing Schubert’s Death and the Maiden quartet: David LePage, Catherine Leech, Errika Collins, and Clare O’Connell.

With great change happening around us, including an upcoming general election, conflicts happening in the world, and uncertainty for our future, music has always returned me to the core of my human spirit and lifted me. Music especially inspires me with the power of bringing people together, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Director, Nottingham Chamber Music Festival
Carmen Flores